Creating Models using QGIS Model Designer
10-16, 08:00–12:00 (Pacific/Auckland), WF314

The QGIS Model Designer is a powerful tool that we can use to define a workflow and run a chain of algorithms (a processing model).

In this workshop we will create a processing model in the QGIS Model Designer and learn how to effectively use some of the features.

A normal session with the processing framework tools includes more than running a single algorithm. Usually several of them are run to obtain a result, and the outputs of some of those algorithms are used as input for some of the other ones.

Using the QGIS Model Designer, that workflow can be put into a processing model, which will run all the necessary algorithms in a single run, thus simplifying the whole process and automating it.

In this workshop we will create a processing model in the QGIS Model Designer that displays buildings affected by some event within a distance from an event location.

The affected buildings are determined by:

  • Clicking a point on the map canvas to define an event location,
  • Traveling a distance along the road network from the event location,
  • Buffering the travel distance to intersect land parcels,
  • Extracting building footprints that that intersect the land parcels.

Prerequisite skills:
- Attendees should have some familiarity with QGIS

Preparation required:
- Laptop
- QGIS 3.28 LTR better installed
- Workshop files

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Simon is highly regarded throughout New Zealand as a leader in his field and has also undertaken numerous work in Australia. He has provided over 30+ years of GIS consulting and training services to organizations, focusing on both desktop and web mapping systems. His core strengths are as a GIS Full Stack Developer and Implementer, GIS Database Administrator, and GIS Project Manager. An acknowledged web mapping technology expert amongst his peers, Simon brings a vast knowledge of not only web mapping technology but also web platforms, desktop GIS Systems and GIS services in general.

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