FOSS4G GIS Stack at Whanganui District Council NZ
10-18, 11:10– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

A look at Whanganui District Councils GIS Stack implemented with FOSS4G solutions.

For Whanganui District Council, implementing an FOSS4G GIS stack provides a cost-effective alternative to proprietary GIS software, as well as greater flexibility and control over the entire GIS system.

A GIS stack is a collection of software and tools used in Geographic Information System (GIS) applications to store, manage, manipulate, analyze, and display geospatial data. The stack typically includes several components, each with its own purpose and functionality, that work together to provide a complete GIS solution.

The new FOSS4G GIS Stack has benefited Council greatly through; significant recurring cost savings, greater functionality, new functionality driven by community, improved service levels and no loss of Integration with other Council systems.

See also: Draft presentation (2.4 MB)

Simon is highly regarded throughout New Zealand as a leader in his field and has also undertaken numerous work in Australia. He has provided over 30+ years of GIS consulting and training services to organizations, focusing on both desktop and web mapping systems. His core strengths are as a GIS Full Stack Developer and Implementer, GIS Database Administrator, and GIS Project Manager. An acknowledged web mapping technology expert amongst his peers, Simon brings a vast knowledge of not only web mapping technology but also web platforms, desktop GIS Systems and GIS services in general.

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