FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Frontend and Visualization With Geospatial Data
11-29, 16:40–17:00 (Asia/Seoul), Online Talks

This Talk is about a novel method for visualizing geospatial data using integrated charts using OpenLayers, an open-source mapping library. The integration of various chart formats in maps allows users to interactively explore complex data sets, and gain insights into spatial modeling and development Usage Popular chart libraries such as D3.js, Recharts, and OpenLayers integrate seamlessly, enabling dynamic modification of chart parameters and spatial details Analyzed data from different sources to reveal hidden relationships Statistics. The integrated system provides a powerful tool for practitioners and researchers to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive view.

I am a passionate Frontend Developer with a focus on data visualization, UI/UX, and geospatial mapping. Proficient in charting libraries like D3.js, Chart.js, and Recharts, I integrate them with mapping tools such as OpenLayers and Maplibre. I create interactive and efficient data-driven applications. Eager to contribute to impactful projects that empower users with valuable insights from complex datasets.

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