FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

OSMSG : On the Fly OpenStreetMap Stats Generator
12-01, 11:20–11:40 (Asia/Seoul), Circle Room

OSMSG is an Open Source Python command line tool for OpenStreetMap statistics, can be installed through pip. It processes planet files directly, allowing for generation of stats for any time period without any database or additional resources. It can also process changefiles for customized analysis. OSMSG can extract country-level data and generate hashtag stats, supporting multiple output formats for data visualization. Ideal for researchers ,developers and mappers, it's a simple yet powerful tool for timely and relevant OSM data insights.

Kshitij Raj Sharma is a backend engineer at HOTOSM from Nepal, He is a passionate spatial developer with a love for open-source software and open data. His expertise in spatial data and deep interest in mapping led him to explore the potentials. Kshitij has been experimenting and advocating for FOSS and contributing to open data initiatives.

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I am a passionate Frontend Developer with a focus on data visualization, UI/UX, and geospatial mapping. Proficient in charting libraries like D3.js, Chart.js, and Recharts, I integrate them with mapping tools such as OpenLayers and Maplibre. I create interactive and efficient data-driven applications. Eager to contribute to impactful projects that empower users with valuable insights from complex datasets.

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