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Stable Open Source Software in production; the case of MapProxy
2022-08-25, 10:00–10:30 (Europe/Rome), General online

MapProxy is a tile server for geospatial data that is capable to cache, accelerate and transform data from existing map services and serve them for various clients.
MapProxy is a tile cache, but also offers many more features like full support for WMS, re-projection of tiled map services and much more. MapProxy is Open Source (Apache Software License 2.0), is easy to install and to configure and runs on various OS.
Thus, for many of our customers MapProxy is an essential part of their geodata-infrastructure (GDI), but the simple possibility to ask on a mailing list is often not enough, when they want to bring Mapproxy into production. Guidelines of IT departments often require a service contract, looking at proprietary software such a contract often is a binding part of the user agreement. But what about Open Source Software?
We as a service provider offer professional support and also service contracts for MapProxy (and other OSS software) and thus, we help customers to bring Open Source into production by filling the gap of missing warranty. In the talk we would like to discuss the various business models that we developed in the past, but we also want to show why MapProxy is an important part of their GDI for many customers.


Till is one of the founders of the German language FOSSGIS conference series and joined his first OSGeo Conference in Minneapolis in 2005 before it was even called FOSS4G. Till also put a lot of effort into building the local and regional community and helped form FOSSGIS e.V., the legal body of the German language OSGeo Local Chapter.

In his main job he is founder and consutant at terrestris, an Open Source GIS company focused on web based FOSS4G software development and also of mundialis a company that focusses on Big Data and Remote Sensing Data processing. Till actively works with FOSS4G Software for many years. Also he introduces agile methods into both companies.

Till was the chair of FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn. For some years, he chaired OSGeo's conference committee. Till is also active member of FOSSGIS e.V. and membered the OSGeo board from 2020-2022.

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Lead Developer @terrestris

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