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Making free climate and weather data more usable - status, ideas and products resulting from the research project "FAIR"
2022-08-25, 15:15–15:20 (Europe/Rome), General online

In this talk we'd like to present the results of a research project, that was funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure ( in Germany. The goal of the project was to simplify the exchange of information and data between the German Meteorological Service (DWD) and economic and public, as well as private actors. With this goals, we think we can add a great contribution and maybe also an impetus for other countries to address the provision of meteorological data.

Climate and weather data play an important role for e.g. identifying measures against climate change and optimising industries. However, a correct understanding and handling of such data is often difficult for many potential users without a meteorological background. Moreover, to process and analyse this data, users often need specialised software solutions and an infrastructure that is able to handle large amounts of data; another hurdle to be able to put the data to value.

A range of services has been developed to improve the discoverability, processing, visualisation and delivery of meteorological data. In addition to weather APIs and app developments, the data products of the german meteorological service (DWD) are offered via various portals, but also through a REST API. An upload area also enables easy data provision from third parties towards the public and the meteorological service.

In the presentation, we will present the base-ideas and the implemented products that, from our point of view, increase the usability of the freely-available meteorological data.

Till is one of the founders of the German language FOSSGIS conference series and joined his first OSGeo Conference in Minneapolis in 2005 before it was even called FOSS4G. Till also put a lot of effort into building the local and regional community and helped form FOSSGIS e.V., the legal body of the German language OSGeo Local Chapter.

In his main job he is founder and consutant at terrestris, an Open Source GIS company focused on web based FOSS4G software development and also of mundialis a company that focusses on Big Data and Remote Sensing Data processing. Till actively works with FOSS4G Software for many years. Also he introduces agile methods into both companies.

Till was the chair of FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn. For some years, he chaired OSGeo's conference committee. Till is also active member of FOSSGIS e.V. and membered the OSGeo board from 2020-2022.

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