Build your own branded 3D Geospatial Data Explorer with TerriaJS
10-16, 08:00–12:00 (Pacific/Auckland), WF404

Learn how to build, customise and brand your own 3D web map with a curated set of spatial data. Your own geospatial data explorer where you can present spatial data and stories to others via easy to access share links.

The workshop will require some basic familiarity with programming, but this will be mostly limited to editing configuration files and we will help participants at any level. Participants should bring a laptop with VSCode installed or another code editor that you are comfortable with. We will clone the Terriajs and TerriaMap git repositories to your local machine, edit the configuration, add links to your desired datasets, and get the map running locally on your machine.
For advanced users, we will attempt to deploy your solution to the web as a functional web map that you can take away and use.

TerriaJS is an open-source framework for web-based geospatial catalogue explorers and is the backbone of many web mapping products including NationalMap and Digital Twin Victoria .

Prerequisite skills:
- Attendees will require some basic familiarity with programming

Preparation required:
- Bring a laptop with VSCode (or another code editor that you are comfortable with)

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A total of 25 spaces are available.

I am a software engineer specialising in geospatial mapping applications and data collection/visualisation tools, with passions for heritage, land management, conservation, and people. My first degree is in Archaeology and GIS, where I worked on high profile international projects as a GIS specialist. These days I an fully committed to my love of building things, solving every day problems by creating fully custom solutions in the web mapping space. And hopefully showing people how to use them in the field in person!

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