Cloud Optimised Geotiffs in TerriaJS
10-17, 16:50– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

TerriaJS, the open source 3D web map solution, is working on supporting Cloud Optimised Geotiffs. See how we are working on implementing COGs, in 2D and 3D mode, and see what you can soon do with them in TerriaJS!

To date, Terria maps have accessed raster datasets from WMS servers or ESRI MapServers. With the new implementationwe are working on, maps can point directly to a tiff file in cloud storage. Advanced functionality made possible by our COG implementation will be briefly demonstrated, including client side reclassification of rasters. We will also outline our roadmap for feature development, including ideas for client side analytical capability. Importantly, we will also discuss our holdups for implementing this feature, issues that others may also be facing in this new COG world!

TerriaJS is an open-source framework for web-based geospatial catalogue explorers, available at Terria is used for Australia’s NationalMap, as well as multiple state-wide Digital Twins.

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I am a software engineer specialising in geospatial mapping applications and data collection/visualisation tools, with passions for heritage, land management, conservation, and people. My first degree is in Archaeology and GIS, where I worked on high profile international projects as a GIS specialist. These days I an fully committed to my love of building things, solving every day problems by creating fully custom solutions in the web mapping space. And hopefully showing people how to use them in the field in person!

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