Five signs your spreadsheet might smell (and what you can do about it)
10-17, 14:30– (Pacific/Auckland), Te Iringa

This talk presents five "spreadsheet smells", indicators that a spreadsheet is getting out of control, and identifies a few possible solutions for each.

In the world of software development, a “code smell” is an obvious indicator that often corresponds to a deeper problem in a system. Code smells are not bugs, but can reveal a codebase that is fragile or may be difficult to maintain in the long term. With a little bit of practice code smells are generally easy to spot, but understanding how to fix smelly code can take a lot of knowledge and experience.

Spreadsheets can be an incredibly powerful tool for quickly testing concepts, analysing data and visualising outputs, but their ubiquity and apparent ease of use often means they get taken beyond their point of efficiency. This talk presents five “spreadsheet smells” often seen in the wild, gives you the tools to quickly identify when things might be getting out of control and presents a few possible solutions for each.

Stacy is a researcher and developer who specialises in solving wickedly complex problems. He has developed innovative solutions across a wide variety of domains and is experienced in full stack web and spatial development, GIS systems and tools, data manipulation, numerical analysis and software architecture. Stacy often takes a solution all the way from gathering requirements and initial solution ideation, through to architecting appropriate software systems and developing user-friendly interfaces that encapsulate the underlying complexity.

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