Practical problem solving for wicked problems
10-19, 12:10–12:35 (Pacific/Auckland), Te Iringa

This “problem solving 101” presentation outlines, with practical examples and tips, how to break crazy-hard technical problems down into achievable pieces then link those parts together to build an effective solution.

In technical domains we are often presented with extremely complex problems involving lots of competing elements and no clear way forward. The problem solving framework outlined in this presentation provides you with the tools to identify an actionable path forward when faced with wickedly complex problems. Practical applications of the framework are presented using real-world examples including flight path modelling for Super Air.

Stacy is a researcher and developer who specialises in solving wickedly complex problems. He has developed innovative solutions across a wide variety of domains and is experienced in full stack web and spatial development, GIS systems and tools, data manipulation, numerical analysis and software architecture. Stacy often takes a solution all the way from gathering requirements and initial solution ideation, through to architecting appropriate software systems and developing user-friendly interfaces that encapsulate the underlying complexity.

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