Open Source framework for geospatial data discovery
10-17, 11:00– (Pacific/Auckland), Te Iringa

Using a suite of open-source applications including Ruby on Rails and Solr we have built a geospatial discovery app. Through a standard web browser, we have made geospatial resources accessible to all users regardless of expertise with user-friendly searches through a map interface, keyword searches, and faceted browsing.

Finding and consuming relevant geospatial data has always been difficult. We have created an open-source Ruby on Rails software application for discovering geospatial content, including GIS datasets, web services, and digitized paper maps. It also provides easy download and export options for reusing geospatial resources.

By harvesting open (and closed) data portals we create metadata that then can be discovered easily. Through the extensible and open frameworks metadata is easily able to be shared between individual applications.

Greg is an open-data advocate based in Brisbane. When not wrangling point clouds he is assisting groups in the Pacific in building their data collection skills.

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