Rapid GIS data collection using 360 cameras - Case studies in Nauru and Thursday Island
10-18, 10:15– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

The presentation documents recent fieldwork in the Pacific using GoPro Max 360 cameras to collect transportation and associated attributes such as power poles and related utility infrastructure for an ABD-funded project.

The Author traveled to Nauru and Thursday Island to undertake fieldwork. As time in-country was limited it was decided to use GoPro Max 360 cameras mounted on a vehicle to capture features. The GoPro has an inbuilt GPS and can capture 360 panoramic images and video. Every road and many private roads were driven and data was captured. Video data was first processed using the batch processing tool in the GoPro desktop app, and then uploaded to both Mapillary and Google Streetview. Mapillary uses computer vision to automatically extract map data from images and we can then export to QGIS. We also use the Mapillary JOSM plugin to update Open Street Map.

Greg is an open-data advocate based in Brisbane. When not wrangling point clouds he is assisting groups in the Pacific in building their data collection skills.

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