Navigate urban scenarios with MapStore 3D tools
07-04, 12:00–12:30 (Europe/Tallinn), QFieldCloud (246)

This presentation focuses on the use of MapStore to navigate urban scenarios using its 3D tools and capabilities. Latest versions of MapStore include improvements and tools related to the exploration of 3D data such as Map Views, Styling, 3D Measurements, Annotations and more. Support for 3D Tiles and glTF models through the Cesium mapping library has also been greatly enhanced to provide support for more powerful integration.

Attendees will be presented with an overview of our work related to 3D data visualizations and a selection of use cases around the following topics: visualization of new projects for urban planning, relations between different levels of a city and descriptions of events inside a city. At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to use the presented workflows to replicate them on different urban scenarios using the 3D tools of the MapStore WebGIS application.

Software Engineer specialized in Front-end and GIS. Technical lead of MapStore project

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Frontend Developer at GeoSolutions

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