Removing emissions from freight transportation (with help of GIS and FOSS)
07-03, 17:15–18:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Van46 ring

Transportation emits about 20% of greenhouse gases (GHG) worldwide and in Europe. Commercial freight is about half of the largest problem for humankind now. My talk will cover some known and a few secret tricks on how the transportation sector plans to achieve zero carbon emissions, with the help of smart people, geodata, science, and various technologies like GIS and GenAI. In Trimble, we manage about 10% of the entire European transcontinental freight. We enable and help manage and reduce emissions through cooperation with the largest shippers (and emitters) in the world, one shipment at a time, eventually affecting every transport mode, vehicle, vessel, train, and even airplane. However, in detail, it is not that simple and cheap. It includes technical, commercial, and even political challenges. For this sector, sustainability and tackling climate change are already the second largest issue, so I hope it is insightful for the conference visitors as well.

Product Manager for sustainability in Trimble. Previously core product manager in Sixfold (became part of Trimble) and GIS tech provider CARTO. Before that founder of Nutiteq, creator of open source mobile mobile 3D map SDK and CTO and GIS evangelist in Reach-U and Regio. One of the first OpenStreetMappers in Estonia, member of Tartu City Council, father of 4.