Vector Mosaicking with GeoServer
07-03, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Tallinn), LAStools (327)

The vector mosaic datastore is a new feature in GeoServer that allows indexing many smaller vector stores (e.g., shapefiles, FlatGeoBuf, Geoparquet) and serving them as a single, seamless data source. This has the advantage of cost savings when dealing with very large amounts of data in the cloud, as blob storage bills at a fraction of an equivalent database. It is also faster for specific use cases, e.g, when extracting a single file from a large collection and rendering it fully (e.g. tractor tracks in a precision farming application).

Attend this presentation to learn more about vector mosaic setup, tuning, migration from large relations databases, and real world experiences.

Open source enthusiast with strong experience in Java development and GIS. Personal interest range from high performance software, managing large data volumes, software testing and quality, spatial data analysis algorithms, map rendering.
Full time open source developer on GeoServer and GeoTools, regular presenter at F0SS4G.
Received the Sol Katz's OSGeo award in 2017.

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