Bridging Horizons: From Geoinformation to Meteorology and Beyond - A Journey of Cross-Disciplinary Synergy for Global Challenges
07-03, 09:30–10:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Van46 ring

In this keynote I want to share my journey from the world of Geoinformation - specifically the FOSS4G and open standards community - to the Meteorology community. What are the lessons learned, the challenges and the rich and manifold opportunities available at the intersection of these dynamic fields. I want to share with you my personal perspective on how collective efforts as Earth Sciences community in fostering interdisciplinary bridges can lead to innovative solutions for our planet’s challenges.
In sharing my story, I intend to highlight the synergies between geoinformation and meteorology, illustrating how these interconnected disciplines can complement and enhance one another and how we as a Earth Sciences community can benefit as a whole.

As an Innovation Action and Partnerships Specialist at ECMWF (European Centre of Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) I am co-ordinating Code for Earth, an innovation action run by ECMWF.

I have always been interested in networking and connecting people. I am grateful that, with my work, I can exactly do this, and help foster a culture of continuous learning, mutual support, and shared success.

In the past I presented internationally on geo-information management topics, mainly in the areas of OGC processes, interoperability and standards.

With a diploma in Geography I started working in the field of GIS in 1998. In 2006, I joined OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), and worked as OGC’s Director for Member Success and Development for Europe, Central Asia and Africa. In December 2022 I joined ECMWF.
Since 2006 I am a member of OSGeo.

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