GeoNode at work: how do I do this, how do I do that?
07-04, 17:50–17:55 (Europe/Tallinn), LAStools (327)

GeoSolutions has been involved in a number of projects, ranging from local administrations to global institutions, involving GeoNode deployments, customizations and enhancements. A gallery of projects and use cases will showcase the versatility and effectiveness of GeoNode, both as a standalone application and as a service component, for building secured geodata catalogs and web mapping services, dashboards and geostories. In particular the recent advancements in data ingestion and harvesting workflows will be presented, along with the many ways to expose its secured services to third party clients. Examples of GeoNode’s builtin capabilities for extending and customizing its frontend application will be showcased.

GIS specialist and software architect at GeoSolutions, where I lead the Python team.

I've started my career as a GIS/EO data scientist and Spatial Data Infrastructures specialist, based for the most part on open source technologies and business models. In this context, I've worked as a consultant, developer, and solutions provider for several public institutions and private companies.

I've had the opportunity to contribute to and lead the development of several projects, ranging from mobile apps and web platforms to data infrastructures and distributed data processing pipelines.
Whatever the kind of product it is, I enjoy translating a customer's idea into an effective solution.
My current main technical focus is software design and product management.

Hobbies? Sound design, music technologies, and electronics.

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Tech lead at GeoSolutions
Projects: GeoFence, GeoNode, GeoNetwork, GeoServer, CKAN

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