FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

Use of EODAG library for cross providers Earth Observation use
07-01, 09:00–11:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Room 335

EODAG is an Open-Source Python library and Command Line Interface client that federates and unifies access to cross-providers Earth Observation data. This library is already massively used at ESA, EUMETSAT, CNES, EUSPA and other EO specialists including Airbus, Thales... In this workshop the attendees will learn to use the library efficiently as well as discover advanced plugins (Jupyterlab extension, Xarray integration...). Advanced users will also learn to implement their own plugin to be able to extend EODAG with their own data catalogue.

The proposed workshop can be divided in 2 parts:

EODAG Python client features overview through the execution of tutorials notebooks. This will be the opportunity to get familiar with search using the Jupyterlab dedicated extension, authentication, and download mechanisms. The several ways to configure EODAG will be seen (YAML configuration file, environment variables, Python code). More advanced features will also be described: serialization, crunches (post-search filtering methods), or direct XArray data access using EODAG-Cube.

New plugins and providers for customized provider data access can be developed to match users' needs. We will see how to extend EODAG with these upgrades, and how to submit them as a new contribution or not.

Arnaud is a software architect part of the CTO's office in CS Space. Arnaud has several years of experience working on critical software for ground processing environment. Arnaud focus his work on EO application and EO data dissemination.