FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Visualizing Seoul’s subway traffic and data in a 3D city model.
11-30, 10:00–10:20 (Asia/Seoul), Workshop Room

Seoul's subway route map is complex and it is not easy to intuitively understand it. In this presentation, we introduce a web application that allows you to check the real-time movement of the Seoul subway on a 3D map through a web browser by utilizing subway route, station, and timetable data.

The data used is based on public data provided by the ‘Korea Transport Database’ and the ‘Seoul Open Data Plaza’ API service, and has been appropriately processed to optimize the system. The subway timetable data changes frequently, so we built a data pipeline to reflect it in real time, so that even if the data changes, it can be quickly applied to the system to provide the latest information.

Various open sources such as GeoTools, CesiumJS, and turf.js were used to create the application, and the real-time movement of the subway was expressed in various colors and icons on the 3D map. Click on a particular subway to see the change in travel time and the train's travel information.If you click on a specific subway, you can check the change in.

Hanjin Lee is a GIS Developer at the Gaia3D Inc. He has been working on application development and education using open source GIS for many years. Worked in data processing, visualization, and communicating information intuitively. More recently, he's been interested in GeoAI and hopes to use it to develop applications that capitalize on emerging technology trends.

Graduated from Sejong University in August 2020.
Joined Gaia3D in January 2020.
Employed as a spatial information developer.
Currently a part of the research institute.