FOSS4G 2023

GeoNode UI: Deep Dive on MapStore and Django integration for GeoNode
2023-06-30, 10:30–11:00 (Europe/Tirane), Drini

GeoNode is a Web Spatial Content Management System that uses the Django Python web framework. MapStore is an open source WebGIS product and highly customizable framework that has been used as the default user interface to visualize catalog, map viewer and geospatial applications in GeoNode.

This presentation provides an overview of the integration of the MapStore framework inside the GeoNode ecosystem and the main differences with the MapStore product, along with guidelines and references to resources for its customization and the development of custom functionality.

GIS specialist and software architect at GeoSolutions, where I lead the Python and Django team.

I've started my career as a GIS/EO data scientist and Spatial Data Infrastructures specialist, based for the most part on open source technologies and business models. In this context, I've worked for several public institutions and private companies, as a consultant, developer and solutions provider.

I've had the opportunity to contribute to and lead the development of several projects, ranging from mobile apps and web platforms to data infrastructures and distributed data processing pipelines.
Whatever the kind of product it is, I enjoy translating a customer idea into an effective solution.
My current main technical focus is software design and product management.

Hobbies? Sound design, music technologies, and programming.

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Frontend developer at GeoSolutions, interested in interactive maps and cartography

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