FOSS4G 2023

The power of collective intelligence: HOT’s approach to open tech and innovation
06-29, 11:30–12:00 (Europe/Tirane), Lumbardhi

Are you interested in open geospatial tech for humanitarian purposes? Have you ever wondered who the people behind the geospatial technologies are? The collective brains? In this talk, we will tap into the power of the tech collective at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, share our experience, excite you about joining the collective and get some hands-on input from YOU!

Meet two members of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) - Petya & Synne. We are a global team that operates with four regional Open Mapping Hubs: In developing and improving open geospatial tech for humanitarian purposes, our vision is to creatively meet the needs of the communities through collective, community-centered efforts. Our mission? To amplify community-led innovation for impact through diversity, creativity & passion!

Some of the stories we will share will be about our experiences and lessons learnt on collective projects and products ( ranging from the HOT Tasking Manager collective , collaborating with Kathmandu Living Labs (KLL) in Nepal, to development of a Field Mapping Tasking Manager (FMTM). We will also share some of the boldest regional activities, including OpenStreetMap (OSM) Hackfest in Asia Pacific and the Ideas Lab in Eastern and Southern Africa.

You will also find out how YOU can get involved by contributing to open geospatial tech. Expect a short participatory exercise [the collective brains/ power of collective intelligence] during this session!

I am really passionate about the impact of open mapping and using technology as the enabler for people in supporting their communities. As an Open Tech Collective Facilitator at HOTOSM, I hope to be able to successfully build a dynamic collective of open tech contributors from around the world!

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