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Advanced QGIS forms into the web with Lizmap
2022-08-25, 15:20–15:25 (Europe/Rome), Room 4

You would like many people from your team or crowdsourcing to fill data in your geodatabase. One way to do that is to make appealing, easy to use and well-constructed forms avoiding wrong inputs. Also, you do not want people to give up filling because the form is too long while in the same time you could automatically fill some entries based on others. With QGIS Desktop, it is possible to make great maps but also advanced forms by using expressions to control field visibility, default values, proposed values, constraints and more. It is very powerful but now how to share those forms to anybody whatever their device or operating system? Could it be possible to share a link for people to open and fill those forms in their web browser?
Let’s see how you can get most of these features for your forms in web browsers thanks to QGIS Server and Lizmap.

I'm working for 3Liz for 4 years and love to improve the web GIS Lizmap.
I'm mainly developing the frontend part but I also like to make some SQL with PostgreSQL/PostGIS and some PHP.
I also like teaching and sharing web and GIS knowledge.

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