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State of Lizmap - Past / Present / Futur
2022-08-26, 09:00–09:30 (Europe/Rome), Room Onice

Lizmap is an opensource server application to publish QGIS project on the web without any coding skills needed.
It's using QGIS Server in the backend so users have the same rendering between their QGIS Desktop and the web version of their project.

QGIS Server and Lizmap are reading QGIS project to publish layers with their legend, forms, print layout, layer relationships... Some additional Lizmap configuration can be added to have dataviz capabilities, decide or not to publish the attribute table or to configure the feature filter form. No coding skills are required, all the configuration is done using QGIS Desktop user interface.
The QGIS project is adapted for web browsers and have a responsive UI. Lizmap include some Access Control List at different levels such as project, layer or even features.

The goal of this presentation is to show the state of this opensource project hosted on GitHub and to explain the roadmap.

I'm working for 3Liz for 4 years and love to improve the web GIS Lizmap.
I'm mainly developing the frontend part but I also like to make some SQL with PostgreSQL/PostGIS and some PHP.
I also like teaching and sharing web and GIS knowledge.

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I'm an active contributor in the OpenStreetMap community, mainly on the QuickOSM project, a QGIS plugin to extract OSM data within QGIS.

For work, I'm a GIS developer at 3Liz, mainly focused on QGIS desktop and server plugins.
3Liz is a opensource GIS solution based in France, we are working on Lizmap, the opensource project for publishing a QGIS project on the web.

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For 15 years, I have been working with OSGeo software. I co-founded 3Liz in 2007 to provide services on OSGeo software. In 2011, with Michaël DOUCHIN, we launched Lizmap. I am also QGIS core developer and QGIS Server maintainer.

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