FOSS4G 2022 general tracks

GSoC with OSGeo
08-25, 16:45–18:15 (Europe/Rome), General online

Over the years, OSGeo's Google Summer of Code initiative has transformed into an initiative full of contributions towards geospatial software development. In the last 16 years, many OSGeo projects comprising incubating projects, community projects, and guest projects have progressed attributed to the contributions of student developers. Some of these students continued to participate as contributors for the projects and went on to take mentoring and organizing responsibilities. This is a true sense of FOSS4G in terms of individual and collective growth of the student developers and the OSGeo community. In this talk, the OSGeo GSoC Admins team would try to appreciate the efforts of all the mentors and students involved till now and present the state of the GSoC 2022. The Admins would also present possibilities for new projects to be part of the GSoC with OSGeo as an umbrella organization.

Exploring new opportunities and responsibilities.

Ph.D. Candidate - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, Prime Minister's Research Fellow.

Vice President - OSGeo Board of Directors

OSGeo Google Summer of Code Organization Administrator

Love to play flute and read books. :)

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