FOSS4G 2022 general tracks

Vector tiles cartography tips and tricks
2022-08-26, 14:15–14:45 (Europe/Rome), Room Verde

Vector tiles are changing the way we create maps. Client-side rendering offers endless possibilities to the cartographer and has introduced new map design tools and techniques. Let’s explore an innovative approach to modern cartography based on simplicity and a comprehensive vector tiles schema.

After a short introduction or useful reminder to vector tiles, take a tour of their graphic capabilities through a series of original map design compositions. A variety of cartographic examples will be illustrated during this talk, with a particular focus on map display and performance. Rendering issues and technical limitations will also be put in perspective with pragmatic solutions or design alternatives.

Get an overview of best practices for vector tiles cartography and learn about simple open-source recipes, towards advanced combinations of fills, patterns, fonts, and symbols. Selected layer parameters and style expressions will be discussed in a visual way and explained with basic syntax that you can take away.

Nicolas Bozon is an open source and open data enthusiast. A senior GIS expert with complementary research and development experiences, Nicolas is leading cartography at MapTiler.