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State of GeoBlaze: A Blazing Faster Raster Analysis Engine in Pure JavaScript
2022-08-25, 10:20–10:25 (Europe/Rome), Room 4

GeoBlaze is a blazing fast raster analysis engine written in pure JavaScript. With geoblaze, you can run computations ranging from basic statistics (min, max, mean, median, and mode) to band arithmetic and histogram generation in either a web browser or a node application.


This presentation will go over recent updates to GeoBlaze, including the addition of support for Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs. We will also discuss the roadmap for the next couple years.

use cases

GeoBlaze can be used wherever vectors and rasters meet. You can use it to calculate the hectares of wheat in a country, the change in daily median earth temperature, and identify wildfires in satellite imagery.


Because GeoBlaze is written in pure JavaScript it can be run in various environments, on an EC2 server, Lambda function, Cloudflare worker, or in the browser. It performs calculations using the CPU, so it is not restricted only to environments where a GPU is available.

notable dependencies

GeoBlaze is built on top of the following open-source projects: dufour-peyton-intersection, georaster, geotiffjs, and calc-image-stats.

sample notebooks:

Daniel Dufour is the CEO of GeoSurge, a geospatial tech company with a focus on data compression, natural language processing, remote sensing, and visualization. He created or co-created several open-source geospatial projects, including, georaster, georaster-layer-for-leaflet, geoblaze, geowarp, and proj4-fully-loaded.

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