FOSS4G 2022 workshops

Dashboard-ready Data and Reproducible Workflows in Euro Data Cube
08-23, 13:55–15:55 (Europe/Rome), 205

Hands-on tutorial in Jupyter environment on the Euro Data Cube, on how to access open EO data and use it in reproducible workflows to extract information and produce dashboard-ready products.

To understand the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, ESA and international partners joined forces to develop situational awareness tools and Dashboards backed by Earth observation derived indicators. The collaboration includes data, science, and technology experts working together to develop indicators, setup infrastructure, provide data management, develop content, and communicate the results. The ESA-EC "Rapid Action on Covid-19 and EO" and the NASA-ESA-JAXA "EO Dashboard" are two solutions based on the Open Source project EODASH and the Euro Data Cube.

This tutorial aims to provide an overview of the Earth observation dashboard, the catalog of EO mission datasets, application programming interfaces, stories, and visualization widgets. The hands-on part of the tutorial will include utilizing the data and platform to tell novel stories about changing Earth and present them in a dashboard environment. Since there has been a growing interest within the science community to use dashboard tools, this tutorial will help participants to get started with discovering data and bringing new information into the platform, as well as performing analytics and extracting insights from the data, to finally make science data interactive and dashboard-ready. Furthermore, the tutorial will demonstrate how open data, open code, open platform, and open API can advance science research and application.

Stephan Meißl is Chief Technical Officer, founding member, and shareholder of EOX IT Service GmbH, a provider of Earth Observation solutions and services since 2008. Stephan is co-chair of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Coverages Working Groups and charter member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

Dr. Anca Anghelea is an Open Science Platform Engineer in the Science, Applications and Climate Department of the European Space Agency. She is leading several activities on Open Science, leveraging the latest EO Platform technologies to maximise the exploitation of Earth Observation data for Earth Science and commercial applications. Before joining ESA, Anca was an R&D Project Officer with the European Union Satellite Centre, where she worked to advance the use of Open EO Data for geo-intelligence applications.