FOSS4G 2022 workshops

Field data collection with MapMint4ME
08-22, 14:00–18:00 (Europe/Rome), 205

Overview of the MapMint4ME Android application for recording data on the field.

MapMint4ME means MapMint 4 (for) Measure and Evaluation, It is an Android application which allows you to edit geolocated data in online or offline mode. During this workshop, the MapMint Table module will be introduced, new tables will be created and configured to be edited on the field. After a short session outside for recording data, the data will be then uploaded back to the MapMint server. Using the collected data, the way to generate reports and associate maps with the created will be presented. In other words, a full application will be setup re-using the collected data.

Exploring new opportunities and responsibilities.

Ph.D. Candidate - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, Prime Minister's Research Fellow.

Vice President - OSGeo Board of Directors

OSGeo Google Summer of Code Organization Administrator

Love to play flute and read books. :)

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He obtained a Master degree in Computer Science for University of Montpellier II. After graduation, he worked in a private company as a developer for Web-GIS application and PostGIS based system integration. He established his company GeoLabs, in 2006, and have done several projects in France and overseas. He's been actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies. He is a regular participant and contributor to FOSS4G Conferences. He is working on implementing the ZOO-Project. On top of this processing engine, he works on implementing a user interface to manage web applications and OGC web services, called MapMint.

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