FOSS4G 2022 workshops

Development of interactive platforms for city modeling and digital twins using React and MapLibre
2022-08-22, 09:00–13:00 (Europe/Rome), 203

Build your 2d & 3d platform with all of your desired data sources in one place. Developed with open source

Digital Twins. Standarized Platforms

Technologies frecuently used for the development of these platforms

Develop your own viewer, with your own data source (2d and 3d) and how it can be used to do real life simulations. Using OpenSource software like React JS and MapLibre library.

Integration of different types of data sources * Mesh * Raster * Vectorial (building 3d with data extrusion) * DEM * IFC (BIM)

How to build a Backend service that can serve this type of solution.

Practical example. With information made available by different countries or cities.

CTO of Kan Territory & IT.

React developer who likes to play with MapLibre