FOSS4G 2022 workshops

Pangeo 101
2022-08-23, 14:00–18:00 (Europe/Rome), 208

The Pangeo community will provide an introduction to the Pangeo ecosystem for anyone interested to learn how to efficiently access, analyze and visualize data at scale.

The workshop can be provided online or in-person (depending on the covid-19 pandemic).

The Pangeo community will guide newbies to the Pangeo ecosystem ( and learn about open, reproducible, and scalable Earth science. The workshop is for novices and participants will learn about:
- Accessing data,
- Load and analyze data with Xarray
- Visualize data with Hvplot
- Understand how to scale with Dask

Example datasets are from Copernicus (Sentinel satellite data, Atmosphere Monitoring Service, Climate Change Service). The training material is based on the existing Pangeo Galaxy Trainign material (

All the Python packages used during this training are Open-source.
The Training material is open-source (CC-BY-4) too.

The participants need to bring their laptop but do not need to install anything as the resources will be accessed online using Pangeo notebooks provided by the Galaxy Training Infrastructure as a Service ( Internet access is required during the workshop.

This workshop will assume prior knowledge of the Python programming language. We recommend learners with no prior knowledge of Python to get familiar with Python, for instance using Software Carpentry training material (

I am an experienced Research Software Engineer, leading the Nordic Collaboration on e-Infrastructures for Earth System Modeling Tools (NICEST2). I am developing training materials and teaching basic-to-advanced research computing skills to students, researchers, Research Software Engineers from all disciplines to advance FAIRness of Software management and development practices so that research groups can collaboratively develop, review, discuss, test, share and reuse their codes.
I endeavour to make Earth Science data accessible to everyone and actively involved in the Pangeo initiative.

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Alan Turing Institute | Open Science, Geospatial & AI learner | Space, Geography & Earth Systems | Big passion for disruptive technologies with social impact