FOSS4G 2022 workshops

geOrchestra SDI hands-on
2022-08-23, 16:00–18:00 (Europe/Rome), 205

This workshop will introduce you to the geOrchestra SDI, which brings together the best of Open Source components like GeoServer, GeoNetwork and MapStore.
We'll go through uploading data, describing it and publishing it to the world with a few clicks, thanks to the newly developed datafeeder module.

geOrchestra is a mature open source projet which started in 2009 in France to meet the goals of the INSPIRE directive. From the start we made the choice to build on the shoulders of giants like GeoServer and GeoNetwork. The workshop will not go deep into the details of the building blocks, but instead will focus on the general usage.

We'll rely on the publicly available docker composition to :
* upload data,
* describe it and publish it to the world
* manage users, groups, orgs
* apply access restrictions to both data and metadata.

You'll also learn how to extend geOrchestra with your own apps, to benefit from the powerful SSO.

Project Manager and Product Owner at Camptocamp.
geOrchestra PSC member