FOSS4G 2022 workshops

Giswater introduction
2022-08-23, 09:00–13:00 (Europe/Rome), 212

The aim of this workshop is to expore the main capabilities of Giswater. A water distribution network will be created starting from scratch.

The workshop will be carried out with a totally practical methodology working in a collaborative environment. During the workshop some tools will be used from basic, o&m and editing toolbars. Main issues will be:
1) Basic principles
2) Create a new project
3) Importing nodes
4) Importing sections
5) Generating an EPA model
6) Other functionalities

Passionate to help water utilities to became more resilient and efficient using open technologies. Msc. Civil Engineer & Msc. Environmental Management. Partner Director at BGEO and Technical Manager at Giswater Association. Working to make the world a better place.

Geographer specialized on GIS by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, I've been working as GIS Analyst in BGEO for 4 years. Most of my work is related to the development of Giswater, specially its data model and user interface. I've great skills on what's related to QGIS + Postgres/Postgis, because they are my main daily tools.