Mythical Creatures, Real Hazards: Co-creating and co-designing story maps of local folklore, beliefs, and myths about the environment
11-21, 15:50–16:10 (Asia/Manila), Catbalogan Room

Local stories, beliefs, and folklore can be combined with science and research methodologies of data gathering and analysis particularly in understanding social patterns and anthropological activities.

Creating a story map based on an open and credible data source of local stories of mythical creatures and folklore, this mapping project is a good start in triggering a more localized set of maps based on the stories of your community.

Co-creating and co-designing story maps about the environment and natural hazards is the best way to bring to life the richness of the folklore of the Philippines. This project targets the youth sector as children's stories showcase their innocence, their point of view, and the real stories of their community as well as their narratives with their day-to-day interaction with the environment.

Researcher at the Flood Modelling Component of UPRI-UP NOAH Center.
Advocate of using critical geography in storytelling and counter-mapping especially for the narratives of the marginalized.
Believes in the idea of every human has rights and anyone can be empowered.