COLABDev: Data-Driven Development in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat
11-21, 14:20–14:30 (Asia/Manila), Plenary Hall

The town of Palimbang is found on the southwest portion of Mindanao. After recently achieving peace, Palimbang is on its way to self-sufficiency. The COLLABDev Project came at the right time to introduce them to data-driven development through community-led actions with the goal of making the invisible, visible.

Palimbang has aspirations to become a premier tourist destination in Southern Mindanao. With the COLLABDev project, the Manisan (Beautiful) coalition was created which includes the local government unit (LGU), the local State University and College (SUC), and Civil Society Organizations (CSO). Through the efforts of the Manisan coalition, Palimbang was able to "put themselves on the map" by using digital data collection methods and uploading the data to OSM.