Mapping the road less traveled: Building careers with open geospatial
11-21, 13:50–14:10 (Asia/Manila), Catbalogan Room

In this talk, I would like to inspire the next generation of open geospatial practitioners in the Philippines by telling the stories of individuals—myself included—and communities who, through the power of open mapping and open geospatial, were able to build careers—successful, fulfilling, and even transformational.

Along the way, we'll explore how open source technologies such as OSM, QGIS, Python, and GeoNode play key roles in shaping geospatial careers; examine emerging trends in the field; and offer some insight on how to prepare yourself to succeed in the ever-evolving geospatial lanscape.

May this serve as an inspiration for anyone seeking to chart their own course and take the path less traveled in the world of geospatial.

Ben is a long-time open geospatial advocate and proprietor of BNHR—an open data and open geospatial consultancy in the Philippines. He is also the co-founder and CTO of the Civic Literacy Initiative and SmartCT.

He works to build better, fairer, and safer societies through the advancement and use of free and open geospatial data and technologies.

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