Data: A Story to Tell
11-21, 13:30–13:40 (Asia/Manila), Plenary Hall

Data, in the hands of those who dare use it, is a story to tell. According to the latest estimates, 328.77 million terabytes of data are created each day. What then happens if you make data available to anyone? If you make data "OPEN"? Explosion of knowledge. Open data becomes an opportunity - to share and acquire knowledge. It enables non-specialist community members to bring to the forefront the messages we want to be heard- to propose solutions and actions from the perception and opinion of those who live, share, and experience it. Open data fosters inclusive democracy which is the soul of community mapping. It gives us the power to put ourselves on the map, pun intended.

A graduating student of BS Geodetic Engineering in the University of the Philippines Diliman
A proud member of the university of the Philippines Society of Geodetic Engineering Majors (UP GEOP)
Head of Project EngaGE, a mapping initiative of UP GEOP