The World in 360: An Introduction to Mapillary
11-22, 13:30–15:30 (Asia/Manila), UPTC (Multi Purpose Building)

At Pista ng Mapa, I am excited to introduce a unique workshop featuring Mapillary for the first time, with a special emphasis on 360-degree street level image capture. Mapillary is a dynamic platform for crowdsourced street-level imagery and mapping data, and this exclusive 2-hour workshop will provide attendees with an immersive experience to grasp Mapillary's capabilities while engaging in hands-on practice with 360-degree image capture.

Feye has been an active volunteer with OpenStreetMap-Philippines since 2013. Through her extensive involvement, she has honed her expertise in teaching diverse stakeholders how to effectively use OpenStreetMap and other open mapping tools, playing a vital role in advancing geographic information accessibility. She co-founded UP Resilience Institute Youth Mappers, the second local chapter of YouthMappers in the Philippines, where she demonstrates her passion for empowering young people through open mapping techniques.

Recognized for her leadership and expertise, Feye serves as a Regional Ambassador of YouthMappers since 2020. In this capacity, she actively recruits student organizations to join the YouthMappers network, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among aspiring mappers.