Battle of the Best OSM Mobile Data Collection Tool: A Workshop on Organic Maps and Every Door
11-22, 15:30–17:30 (Asia/Manila), UPTC (AS Conference Hall)

The "Battle of the Best OSM Mobile Data Collection Tool" is a workshop that aims to delve into two cutting-edge mobile data collection tools for OpenStreetMap: Organic Maps and EveryDoor. This workshop will serve as a platform for participants to gain insights, hands-on experience, and a comprehensive understanding of these innovative approaches to OSM data enrichment. By the end of the workshop, participants will not only grasp the technical intricacies but also understand the overarching societal and technological impacts of enhanced OSM data collection.

He is a 4th year BS Geography student at UP Diliman. Hailing from Bukidnon, he is volunteering in local organizations for more than 5 years now, co-creating initiatives for the welfare of the province's IP sector. He is also a member of the Junior Philippine Geographical Society - UP Diliman, working as part of its Secretariat Committee. Lastly, he is the current president of UP Resilience Institute YouthMappers.

Hello, my name is Paujen. I'm currently an undergraduate student taking up BS Geography in University of the Philippines Diliman. Areas I'm particularly interested in include women and health geographies, although I try to like a bit of everything else. There is just so much to learn but also unlearn and relearn.

Studies BS Geography and Director fo External Affairs at University of the Philippines Youthmappers