Community & Partnerships
10-18, 09:50– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

The world is in a constant state of change, growing increasingly diverse.

What is essential for establishing collaborative contributions with the community and forming partnerships that yield benefits for a wide range of individuals?

Explore how TomTom is committed to build the smartest, most useful map of our world.

In the face of an increasingly diverse and complex world, an inclusive proactive mapping approach is imperative to stay current and relevant. ​

It takes the world to map the world.

TomTom has embraced a transformative journey to realize this vision. Since 2021, our focus has been on active participation in various OSM Engagement Activities and Events, fostering at all levels collaboration and contributing to the improvement of the OSM map. Our endeavors aim to unlock benefits for everyone in the future, evident already in areas such as data and tool sharing, humanitarian mapping, as well as recruiting and training newcomers to navigate the world of OSM. ​

During our upcoming session, we will deep dive into how our Community & Partnerships engagement with the OSM Community spans the global landscape, with a particular focus on the regions of Asia and Oceania.​

Been working for TomTom for 18 years.
Hold the role of Associate Manager Maps of the East Asia Pacific Region
Based in Sydney, Australia