Papua New Guinea Road Transport Information Management System (PNGRoTIMS)
10-17, 16:45– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

PNG Road Transport Information Management System (PNGRoTIMS) is a system that can manage geospatial, technical, and contractual information regarding roads in PNG. The initiative is by International Labour Organization under the European Union Funded Support to Rural Entrepreneurship, Investment and Trade Project (EU-STREIT) in Sepik Region, PNG.

The four components - Desktop application, Web interface, Web mapping and mobile application (Android).
PNGRoTIMS is developed based on following approaches:
1. Complete Open-Source System Design requiring no proprietary software,
2. Centralized Database using PostgreSQL/PostGIS which is an enterprise grade open-source database widely used,
3. QGIS for Desktop GIS to manipulate the GIS data and processing of GPS data,
4. Geo-Server Based Web Mapping system using PostgreSQL data of road layers and other static background layers,
5. Automatic Updating Desktop Software using "Click Once" technology,
6. Android based mobile system for mapping and inventory.
The architecture of PNGRoTIMS has been designed using the layered architectural pattern. A two-dimensional layering approach has been used to structure the software firstly by responsibility and secondly for reuse. The Data Layer persists PNG RoTIMS data into a PostgreSQL with PostGIS database.
The structure of the PNG RuTIMS Database is based on the data storage requirements implied in various requirements of the system including road information system, road planning etc. The database contains multiple schemas with the data in each schema. The PostGIS Database provides support for storage and manipulation.
The entire system is grouped into menus based on their similarity of functions. The following table provides the summary of the menus and the sub-sequent section provides details of each of the menus and the sub-menus.
• ADMIN: Allows users to login, select Province/District and Fiscal year, create/ Delete new user, change password, view users, login, logout and Exit
• ROAD NETWORK: Manages the Road Network, Inventory, Inventory Reports, Road Condition, Traffic and Utilities.
• PLANNING: Outputs maintenance needs (unconstrained budget), under
Constrained budget scenario; Prioritize roads using multi-criteria approach which are Access to socio-economic centres, Population served by the road, Traffic, Connectivity to Federal & Province, Agriculture Potentiality, Road Class Category.
• ARMP: Annual Road Maintenance Program, This Module Registers and Produce Summary Reports of Maintenance categories of Routine, Periodic, Spot, Bridge Repairs. It also includes Upgrading and Rehabilitation/ Re-Construction plans.
• CONTRACT MANAGEMENT: Management of Contracts including registering of contracts, contract details, Physical Progress, Financial Progress and various progress reports.
• MAP: Online External Map and Edit GIS Map.
• HELP: About the system

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Rua Puka is a GIS Specialist with International Labour Organization (ILO) Under the EU funded STREIT Programme. He has a Bachelor of Science in GIS from The Papua New Guinea University of Technology. He is one of the administrators of a System called PNG RoTIMS. He enjoys experiencing new technologies. He monitors road projects using drone technology and provides map and statistics support to four other UN agencies (FAO, UNDP, ITU and UNCDF) under the EU-STREIT Programme. Come along and hear about what PNGRoTIMS is.