SDI and geographical research in french Polynesia
10-19, 11:20– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

Geographical data access and use in/for french Polynesia is made easier with the new SDI, which aims at facilitating the use and sharing of geographical data. On top of that it raises a question : how to represent our environment made of 118 island spread in a large territory?

The presentation will demo the new spatial data information platform of 'Opua agency (urbanism agency), for its partners (institutionals) and large public. Seen as a common good, based on opensource infrastructure geonode, with mviewer on top of that, this platform helps data sharing, and data representation as long as based on geographical frame of reference. On top of that, we will present our ongoing research on data representation on a specific territory made of 118 islands in 5 archipelagos.

I am passionate about OSM, OpenData, sharing, collaboration and sustainable projects. My (enthusiastic) experience until now : initiated OSM community in Madagascar, coordinating Missing Maps project @CartONG at its start, developping my own professionnal activity on OSM in french Polynesia, mummy of CartoMobil’ite project, and now data management in Opua agency, urbanism agency of french Polynesia