What is Digital Earth Pacific
10-19, 12:10–12:35 (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

The Digital Earth Pacific project will support the development of an operational Earth observation infrastructure that enables people to make improved decisions.

Digital Earth Pacific (DEP) is a transformative project aimed at developing an operational Earth observation infrastructure for the Pacific. With a focus on empowering Pacific communities, DEP strives to simplify access to Earth and Marine observation data and deliver new data products that cater to specific regional needs. This presentation provides an overview of the motivations, objectives, and methodologies of DEP, highlighting its user-centric approach and the potential impact on informed decision-making and sustainable development in the Pacific.

By democratising access to data and building upon advancements in technology, DEP aims to enhance accessibility and streamline data retrieval processes. Through a co-design process involving stakeholders from various sectors, DEP ensures that the infrastructure and data products align with the specific requirements and challenges faced by the Pacific region. Ultimately, DEP seeks to empower Pacific communities to harness the power of Earth observation data, driving resilience and informed decision-making.

Alex is an open geospatial technologist with a proven track record in delivering operational data infrastructure. With a global perspective and extensive expertise in software development, cloud infrastructure, and program governance, Alex is a recognized leader in the field of Earth observation. Alex is a founding director of OSGeo Oceania and is the current Chair of the organisation. On the weekends, Alex loves exploring the wilderness with his children and enjoying a great craft beer.

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