Kart - the geospatial version control system - now with Rasters!
10-18, 13:50– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

In this talk we'll cover the latest developments for Kart, the geospatial version control system built on Git. We've been busy over the last year, fixing bugs, adding features and improving performance.

Kart (https://kartproject.org) is an open source version control system built on Git, enabling you to work more efficiently and collaborate better.

Kart allows you to quickly and easily manage history, branches, data schemas, and synchronisation for large & small datasets between different working copy formats, operating systems, and software ecosystems.

In this talk we'll cover the challenges and improvements that have been made over the last year, and show off Kart's new superpower: Raster data handling!

Hamish is a programmer, software product manager at Koordinates.com, and a FOSS4G organiser. Hamish has a background in civil engineering consultancy, cares about open data and building great software that is good for society and the planet.

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Jonathan has a background in the use and management of national-scale geospatial data. He has led the development of award-winning open-source geospatial products and managed significant SaaS geospatial platforms, delivering high-value open data at scale to the public.