Story Maps for FOSS4G - Product Development
10-20, 10:45–13:00 (Pacific/Auckland), WG702

Product Development session to work through the FOSS4G community needs for an Story Map product.

We are looking for ways to streamline creating Story Maps in FOSS4G with current products or to design an outline for a new product or plugin. This is currently an area lacking in FOSS4G and whilst there are some products out there, they mostly require payment or have limited functionality. If we can come out of this with our requirements, we could then understand the resource requirements and build a crowdfunding exercise.

Our Goals
- What elements do we require? The base would include media, text, and map. However, perhaps we want to be able to view it 3d or create some dashboard like features.
- What should their behaviour be? Think about what is currently out there - what do you like, what is missing & etc. We want to progress further than a map and an information box side-by-side.
- What should the base platform be? Think here about the resources for continual maintenance, accessibility, logic, ease of use. What currently offers this, could we approach them to build up their product with our requirements? Would be be able to roll what is available out there into the QGIS platform to allow for ongoing technical support?

Please contact with any of your ideas.
The session will start at 9am and we have until 1pm but we may finish before that. You are welcome to start with us and then head to the HOT Mapathon or come in later.

Em works at North Road and is active in the FOSS4G community in QGIS AU group and FOSS4G Conference committee. She loves supporting users in QGIS!

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