Advanced PostGIS: Beyond the basics.
10-16, 13:00–17:00 (Pacific/Auckland), WF413

Going beyond all the common functions that most folks use PostGIS for. Delving into advanced use cases and using PostGIS in production workloads.

PostGIS, sitting on top of Postgresql, is by most metrics, the most popular spatial database. Many videos are online about how to install and use PostGIS....many are from prior FOSS4G conferences and do a good job in getting you to understand the basics. Most of them, however, only scratch the surface when it comes to the power that can be wielded with PostGIS.

This workshop seeks to explore a wide array of functions that may not be used on a regular basis or are outside the scope of common spatial queries. These include, but are not limited to:
- Linear Referencing
- Clustering
- Using rasters
- Vector Tiles

There will also be an emphasis on using PostGIS in production, so there will be some usage of other software products (for example: Martin Vector tile server or pg_featureserv or pg_tileserv ). Consideration will also be given to the ecosystem around PostGIS (For example: ogr_fdw)

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Rhys is a cofounder and spatial data architect of Auchindown, a small company in Jamaica that deals in all things spatial.

Rhys has over 15 years of experience analyzing, identifying and transforming spatial data into useful information and business insights helping companies to leverage data to make informed decisions. He has been using Postgresql/PostGIS since versions 8.0/pre 1.

He has a keen interest in using PostGIS in the electric utility space and is the developer behind Livewire ( which is a power delivery modeling and management cloud solution.