Maps Media and Manipulation
10-17, 14:30– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

An overview of how maps and geospatial information is used by news, media and governments to advance political agendas and disseminate misinformation.

The geospatial cross section of history / politics and news media (journalism)

Neil is the Chief Operating Officer of Soar and has been with the company for 5 years. Prior to embarking on the mission to build the world’s new atlas, Neil had an eclectic career including industrial chemistry, working for half of the Big 4 accounting firms in R&D advisory, commercialising university innovations and senior roles in renewable energy industry development.

In his spare time, he is an amateur history buff, news junkie and avid student of works across politics, economics and human behaviour. Since joining Soar, he is also on his way to becoming a bit of a map nerd too….

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