Building a Data Collection App with QGIS
10-19, 14:00– (Pacific/Auckland), Plenary

Learn how to build a customised data collection app using QGIS

Are you still taking walking around with a clipboard and paper to collect site data? Or have you hacked together a way of data collection using forms or spreadsheets on a tablet? Fear not, because those days will soon be behind you.

In this talk, I'll walk through how to set up a QGIS project to be able to be configured into a data collection app using either QField or Mergin Maps. Both of these tools have paid options which help to sync data from multiple users or can be used offline for free.

I'll explain several key steps to set this up, including:

  1. Initialising datasets to be populated during data collection
  2. Defining attributes for data collection, including options such as dropdown's for values, compulsory values, or automated fields
  3. Syncing data that has been collected
  4. Producing outputs

If you came to the Auckland meet up in 2022, you saw a 5 minute version of this presentation, but this time I'll walk through the whole process!

Danielle works at the intersection of data and transport strategy, helping people to understand and explain the stories we can uncover behind data to support good decision making and make our urban places better to live in and move around. Danielle is passionate about helping other people understand the data, and is motivated by working towards creating better places for people.