Byron Cochrane

Byron has over 30 years experience as a leader in providing interoperability and data linking solutions in a large number of contexts across the globe. His greatest expertise is in Open Data Standards implementation and development - particularly in the geospatial realm.

Byron has served at various levels of government, the military and private industry, both in New Zealand, Australia and the US. He has often been turned to by organisations wishing to develop, organise and manage their disparate data using standards based interoperability solutions.

In recent years Byron has contributed to multiple international interoperability efforts including the W3C Spatial Data on the Web, numerous test bed and interoperability experiments for the Open Geographic Consortium and standards development for ISO Technical Committee 211.
In his spare time Byron enjoys exploring the Nelson region, getting to know the local craft beers, keeping abreast of current affairs, and picking on his mandolin when its all becomes a bit too much.


Implementing GeoNetwork - Deployment Options to Support the Use and Management of Spatial Resources
Jeroen Ticheler, Byron Cochrane

Managing and making available spatial resources is challenging for smaller organisations with limited resources, such as Iwi. Iwi-Cat provides an intuitive way to accomplish this. Workshop participants will gain hands-on experience implementing an opensource stack - consisting GeoNetwork, GeoServer, PostGIS and supported by QGIS with the GeoCat Bridge Plugin.

The Close Bond Between Open Standards and Open Source
Jeroen Ticheler, Byron Cochrane

One strength of FOSS4G is the ability to support open standards, yet the standards process is a mystery to many. Two experts discuss recent developments in ISO and OGC standards and how one longstanding OSGeo project plans to implement these improvements.

Te Iringa
MaaS - Metadata as a Service
Byron Cochrane

Do you or the organisations you support find producing useful, standards-compliant metadata challenging? While many places exist to publish metadata for your resources, modern, easy-to-use tools for creating metadata are hard to find. We propose providing an OSGeo based managed service to ease metadata creation.

Lightning talks
Iwi-Cat - an Open Source tool to Support the Use and Management of Iwi Spatial Resources
Byron Cochrane, Adrian Cochrane

Does the management and sharing of information present challenges for your organisation? Iwi-Cat provides an intuitive way to organise and use your data collections. Learn how Te Tauihu Iwi are implementing a FOSS4G stack to support cultural and Taiao use cases.

Te Iringa