Geodaysit 2023

Mergin Maps: an open source platform to take QGIS to the field!
06-14, 15:45–16:00 (Europe/London), Sala Videoconferenza @ PoliBa

Simplify field survey by capturing Geodata on your mobile or tablet. Create mobile forms with the fields you require and invite your survey teams to complete them on their phones or tablets. Captured data, along with their location can be surveyed offline, then synced back to the office in seconds.

Mergin Maps is an extension of the free and open source GIS software QGIS. It allows you to open, interrogate and edit your QGIS projects on your mobile. Map layers look the same as in QGIS desktop and you can sync your data back and forward with QGIS desktop using the Mergin Maps QGIS plugin.

Advantages of the Mergin Maps system:

  • Configurable forms and validation on the fly
  • No need for cables to get your data on/off your device
  • Connect to external GNSS devices for high accuracy location data
  • Wide selection of CRS with possible transformation and datum shift grids
  • Stake out and line recording utilising GPS
  • Share field survey with others for collaborative working
  • Safely work together on the same datasets, even offline
  • Updates from different surveyors are intelligently merged
  • Push data back from the field in real time
  • See version history and cloud-based backup
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Sync with your PostGIS datasets
    Mergin Maps is developed by Lutra Consulting. With more than 14 years of experience helping organisations adopt open source GIS, we designed Mergin Maps to help solve challenges in a wide range of industries. Lutra Consulting is part of the core QGIS development team.

Saber is co-founder of Lutra Consulting, a leading company in the field of open source GIS software development. They are one of the core contributors of QGIS and have been enhancing QGIS 3D, QGIS support for point clouds and mesh data.