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Francesca Albanese


EO-Learning: Free online courses on Earth Observation
Francesca Albanese

EO-Learning is the e-learning platform with free courses and resources on Earth Observation launched by Planetek Italia in December 2021. A new opportunity for students and professionals in private and public entities to learn and stay up to date on technologies, methodologies and applications of satellite Earth Observation.

EO-Learning offers courses in both English and Italian languages, ranging from the very basics of remote sensing up to the more complex techniques of satellite data processing and derived applications.
Once enrolled for free in the platform, users can autonomously access open courses.
These are organized in several short lessons, so that users can attend and complete the course at different times, or they can easily focus only on specific contents while ignoring others. Lessons are also designed to be more suitable and engaging for nonexperts in the EO field: users can interact with objects, browse the lesson or answer simple questions, and lessons are narrated by professional speakers.
In addition to courses, a friendly dashboard allows users to keep track of their progresses and to check their results.

EO-Learning also offers Premium courses, dedicated to public or private organizations aiming to provide certified training courses for their members/employee. In fact, these restricted-access courses are provided with more learning tools, such as the tracking of progresses, a series of intermediate and final evaluation tests, and the certification of course completion.
Premium courses can also be tailored to user’s needs, with the possibility to provide course reporting and dedicated scientific support through user forums.

EO-Learning can also host public or private custom courses, designed and produced together with commercial and scientific partners and dedicated to specific training activities/projects in the Earth Observation field.

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